by @instagodministries “My mother would tell me, “When you have lived long enough, life will teach you a few things that can only be taught by lessons…just keep living.” Some lessons in life, are best learned through pain: hurt in order to grow, fail in order to know, and lose in order to gain. Remember, nothing you’ve been through has been wasted. Sometimes we meet people who are a lesson or a blessing. But sometimes we allow people to come in our lives who were never meant to be apart of it. Yes, the relationship ended, you been through multiple failed marriages, your decision in men/women hasn’t been good but that’s alright… You’ve learned not to settle, you know what you don’t want, and know now to wait on the Lord.ฺ

I want to encourage you my brothers and sisters in Christ who are hurting, feeling hopeless, and depressed to not give up because it’s going to get better! Waiting can be discouraging… Having to fight and constantly go through another trial after another can be tiring… The frustration after hearing sermon after sermon declaring good things are coming but nothing good has come for a long time and you’re beginning to wonder is it all worth holding on to anymore— when I’m constantly losing people in my life and enduring constant pain/hurt. You’re sick and tired of going through the same daily routine wondering will something new ever happen in my life. You say, “How long Lord, how long?”

There’s such a great promise over your life to just sit in self pity and defeat. God is saying, “Let it go.” Move passed that failed relationship, move passed that failed marriage, move passed that friendship, move passed the absent of your mother/father. Move pass every disappointment. You gotta press pass what didn’t work out, press pass who left, your pride, and your mood, your temperament, your disappointments and know you’re a child of God! The bible tells us, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” -Galatians 6:9. Your steps are ordered by the LORD! (Psalm 37:23) You got what it takes in Christ to make it!” via @PhotoRepost_app

🎶 The best of romances deserve second chances.. 🎶



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26 days done. 4-week rest then start of a new battle again. 👊 I believe we’ll get through this. 🙏 #Faith #ThankYouLord

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